The software program ProFatigue is presented as a practical tool for derivation of probabilistic S-N and ɛ-N fields from experimental fatigue data. The program provides an estimation of the parameters involved in the regression probabilistic Weibull fatigue model developed by the authors, allowing an advantageous application of both fields to the stress or strain based approaches in the fatigue design of structures and mechanical components.

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This program has been developed to derive the primary failure cumulative distribution function from output data obtained by FEM programs, like Abaqus or Ansys. More information and some examples could be found at [1].

[1] M. Muniz-Calvente, A. Ramos , F. Pelayo, M.J. Lamela, A. Fernández-Canteli . Statistical joint evaluation of fracture results from distinct experimental programs: An application to annealed glass. Theoretical and applied mechanics (2016) (Under review).

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